Wednesday, January 12

A few smiles for the week

My dad has done GREAT after having double bypass and an aeorta valve replacement in his heart.  Day three and he has taken steps and has most of his wires and tubes out.  He is eating and most importantly teasing everyone!  Oh, by the way, he is 87.  And I love him so much.  He always makes me smile.

Tommy is on oral steroids for a recurrent sinus infection that has caused a bit of a rattle in his airways, a different antibiotic (because the last one was within 6 weeks, poor Hirschsprung's is not going to enjoy another antibiotic this quickly), and nebulizers of albuterol and pulmicort twice a day.  Being a mom of a child with special needs is a humble job, I made a mistake on his nebulizers when we were switched to generics and I now know to ask more questions, or learn greek ;).  Not harmful for Tommy, but not as helpful as they could have been during the week I made the mistake.  The pediatrician that we saw last night, not our normal one, suggested we revisit our immunology and pulmonary care teams and get a stronger stick soon.   Perhaps something like Singulair might be added to Tommy's daily defense meds.  We saw Dr Gass and I don't mind posting here his name, although I don't do this very often, but I fairly sure he is older than my dad and the bond that has developed between Tommy and this dr is remarkable for their infrequent visits.  There is something about that dr that cares so deeply about my son.  He reminded me, Tom-Tom's lungs are more special than Down syndrome....  they are for some reason still very fragile, a simple cold turned sinus infection can cause him to crash quickly.... and the oral steroids have worked so perfectly with clearing up his lungs.  Tommy is grinning ear to ear today, back to his happy self.

Eight legs and two wiggly tails gives you an idea of our two six year old boxer girly dogs.  Usually, they are active and happy but now have arthritis which acted up with the cold weather.  Enough to cause my husband to make a vet visit and me, 80 miles away with my dad, to have a very over active imagination about what may have happened to them.  They are back to their happy selves after steroid injections and a supply of arthritis meds.  Their smiles are their tails wagging!

All six of us are enjoying a birthday dinner for Colin tonight, lots of smiles will be had.  Hope your week has been filled with a few smiles. 

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