Tuesday, January 25

Medical stuff

I've seen some blogs recently that have had tabs across the top and one has "medical information" and is password protected just for family to access..... how do I make one of these?  We are in the process, not by our choice, of switching pediatricians.  Tomorrow is our first appointment (the duo's 4 year check up) with our new doctor.  While we are between doc's we have had two visits for Tommy with other dr's to "get us by" until our new doc is established.... and both visits Tommy needed antibiotics.... and both visits his patient chart (extremely thick, volume three) is MIA.... and of course both doc's asked me which antibiotics he has been on before... grrrr.  So, I want a tab on this blog, which I can access from my little ol' droid smartphone and be able to keep a parallel chart there for Mr T.  Yelp?  Anyone?  How do you create tabs within your blog?

Other updates from the homefront.... Colin's knee isn't mending very well so he is starting four weeks of physical therapy.  Our new babysitter dislocated her elbow snowboarding over the weekend so we hired our lovely young neighbor girl to be the "arms" while our other sitter can over oversee the "how" things are done.  The duo is loving having daddy here recovery, their usual afternoon sitter PLUS our sweet neighbor girl.... all while momma is at work.  Somehow, someway, this is working just fine for us. 

Tonight, I'm joining my neighbors for a girls night of ordering our garden seeds and sharing experiences, tips, what not to plant... what we can share... and wine.  I have been looking forward to this evening and sharing gardening ideas.  I'll post some tips later.

Off to put these boys on the school bus..... have a great day!

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