Monday, January 17

Potty training, full speed ahead

I ramped up our potty training efforts and made small progress today.  Lots more practice which is good.  I moved our diapers, wipes and ointments into the bathroom.  No more diaper changing table.   All things poop and pee happen in the bathroom now.  We watched Elmo's Potty video a few times today, they loved it.  And I resorted to BRIBES.  I packed up the duo and we went to the dollar store and picked out some of their favorite little plasticy toys and told them they could select one each successful potty episode.  This was a HUGE motivator for Liam.  And whatever Liam does, Tommy is really interested in, so the bribes worked well.  We had a few accidents, mainly with poo, but we made small progress today and lots more practice.  I didn't scold them for their accidents, just reminded them the potty was there and even took their accident over to the potty to show them how it should go there.

Our potty practice was interuptted today when we had to take daddy to the dr, because in his knee surgery recovery his incision looks infected.  Poor daddy.  He got an antibiotic and the duo was really good at the orthopedic surgeon's office.  This was important because I have calculated the mean age of the clients there at 80 yrs old.  We didn't want to bump into anyone with our 'boy rampunctious energy' and knock them over by accident.  Daddy is resting again and his pain is a tad bit better.

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