Saturday, February 19


 Four of us had dental appts these past two days.  Liam got to sit in the big chair and was such a pro at the water/suction task.   All four of us had no cavities.   Tommy and Liam see a pediatric specialty dentist and she has been part of our team for awhile now, like three years or so.  She is a huge Tommy lover, and Liam too.  We shared hugs and reminisced for awhile, it's so nice to see her twice a year, she is a great dentist.

Hannah turned 17!  She is in the middle of her friends Tessa and Alyssa.  We had numerous dinners and treats and just plain fun.  She is bright, beautiful, athletic and very outgoing, I'm so happy to call her my daughter. 

Valentines day for the preschool teachers included little apple shaped hand sanitizers.  The smell was terrific and I thought during these winter flu-ish months it was thoughtful.  Colin and I got to spend awhile in the preschool room on Friday and were just so impressed with how Tommy and Liam both engage with their teachers, SLP and OT.  They move thru each of the activities with a quiet confidence now and have shown so much growth.  Their preschool teacher is the best!

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