Saturday, February 5


Ever feel like you just crawled thru thorny blackberry bushes?  I mean the type of blackberries that have long thorns on them?  Army crawling your way thru blackberry bushes in the dark.  Not knowing if, or when, the end would be in sight?  Ever get to the other side of those blackberries and feel like curling up in a fetal position and just suck your thumb for a while?  Like forever?  Heavy sigh, that's what it feels like for me navigating issues in the last six months of mental health, substance abuse, medical, work, amazing tiredeness, high school struggles and the list could go on but I'm sure you have a list too and don't really want to read mine!  Recently, I find myself eeking out the "other" side of the thorniest blackberry bushes and noticed that I might feel a bit stronger.  A bit more confident.  A bit more of a momma bear than when I had to get into the army crawl and navigate thru the dark bushes that leave you scratched and bleeding.  A bit better as a human being?  If that bit is even the smallest measure of an improved skill set. 

I never thought I would be "that mom" who had "these issues" but here I am.  And my kids are fine.  Actually, they are better than fine they are doing really well.  Each developing so uniquely and beautifully in his or her own way at their own pace and amazingly taking accountability.  After spending hours with professionals and making the efforts needed we have plans for the next six months and will take all of our issues one day at a time.  Because that's how we made it thru the thorniest parts, just focusing on what was in front of us at the time.  And enjoying the beauty along the way. 

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