Saturday, February 19

Say Cheese!

I had the opportunity to treat my sister Tami (very pregnant) and my mom to a cheese making afternoon class for their birthdays.  We ate, laughed, talked and learned to make soft and hard goat cheeses.  Because one of us has a goat, yes that would be me.  Here is Tami to the right and our wonderful cheese making teacher Kristy.  My sister has a soft cheese hanging.

Kristy had already made a hard parmesan, and a pressed cheddar which both needed to age for about nine months (hmm sounds like a pregnancy).  We enjoyed both of those cheeses and lots of other goodies while Kristy taught us the chemistry behind the recipes.  Yummy coffee and tasty wine and lots of cheeses.

My mom had a good time.  I just absolutely love seeing her, only wish it was more often.  We always have a good time together. 

And here is my sister Tami's belly, she loves to show off her second little boy, they are naming him Maxwell.  I think he liked sampling the cheeses too!
After the class I decided the parmesan cheese and the brined feta cheese would be my first attempts.  I am so excited for spring to get her and my goat to freshen, once we have goat milk again.... I'm making cheese!

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