Thursday, January 5

2011 in review

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe it's 2012, that date just sounds odd to me and hopefully the newness will wear off on it.  I thought it would be fun to look back on 2011 in review and see all our family has done, grown, seen, and been encouraged by.

The year started off with potty training Liam which was a huge success for not only him but sure did lessen the load for twin diapers.  Colin had knee surgery also at the beginning of the year to remove a small cyst from under his knee cap so he was home recovering for many weeks.  We enjoyed meeting more families with kiddos with Down syndrome at the Spring Fling and Buddy Walk and many park events, so much fun and so many new friends! 

We started "Operation G-tube wean" with Tommy in the spring of 2011 and that ended on 10/5/11 with successfully taking the Gtube out while at home one day and his stoma has healed so nicely on it's own.  He is sipping from sippy cups and eating orally.  Oh what a blessing that has been.

All six of us enjoyed talking at a Grange in the summer time about what it means to have a family member with Down syndrome and what a wonderful lifetime Tommy has. 

August was busy with a two week vacation to Montana for all six of us.  Followed by a month for Hannah being admitted inpatient to a youth alcohol treatment facility.  We are so happy to support her recovery and watch as she walks courageously on in that battle. 

September the teenagers returned to Running Start which is college classes at our community college so that they can receive some college credit along with their high school diploma.  Hannah enjoyed cheerleading for basketball and Nate has been training with his dad to compete in an Olympic distance triatholon in Kona, HI in April 2012. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful family times and I'll post pictures soon as I'm catching up on blogging.  What a great year 2011 was and we really appreciated YOUR encouragement and prayers. 

Tommy Adventures