Saturday, January 21

Winter wonderland

Winter finally arrived to Ferndale.

We had a total snow fall of around 14 inches

And the boys really enjoyed it!

Somehow snow always makes things beautiful!

Grandma Dorothy came to our home and took over the reins of kids and household for four days... which meant Colin and I took off for four days (first time in probably six years). 

First night in Leavenworth and then the next two nights we stayed in a small town called Conconully with five other couples renting out a home there.  Very fun to be with friends! 

Grandma Dorothy is a blessing to us in so many ways.  She is a daily educator in a very soft way to all the kids, Colin and I.  She encourages us and we always have great conversations about life.  We love you Grandma Dor-tea!  At dinner while praying, Liam said he was grateful that Grandma let him crawl in bed with her and snuggle while we were gone.  Too sweet!

I thought everyone would enjoy the boys school pictures.  Not sure if I've posted them yet on here.

And a picture of Hannah and me out for coffee chat at least once a week.  Just us. 

And my cute niece Madison. 

The boys have loved the library.

A silly picture with Grandma Sue.

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