Saturday, January 21

Woodland Park Zoo

We've been going to Children's Hospital in Seattle a little bit more lately.
So I thought what better way to spend some birthday/Christmas cash gifts for the boys than a Zoo membership!
It took us twenty minutes from Children's to get to the zoo.
And that included the beloved chicken mcnugget run!!

Since I was by myself and had the sit/stand stroller, I decided to put Tommy's harness on and let him walk about a bit.  Also, the zoo was fairly empty, so I thought if he had a meltdown OR a super fast run away moment.... I wouldn't be stared at by too many.  ha ha!

We loved the trail of vines and looking at all the primates.  The winter months are EXCELLENT to see animals as many are napping in hay piles right near the glass!

Here are the boys and I next to the elephants, there is both an african and an indian elephant behind us.  Very cool!

Tommy found his beloved meerkats.  Adorable and FAST just like him!!

These are gray owls.  They were HUGE.  My sister Debbie was sharing some facts on owls with me one evening when one probably snuck away with her chicken.  I had no idea how HUGE they were.

We'll be back to Children's in January for PASS clinic and then in February for ear tubes plus a sedated echo for cardiology.... and then a break till April for a sedated BAER hearing test.  And guess what?  That means a visit to the zoo is going to be a popular treat for us after the yukky hospital. 

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