Wednesday, April 4

What works for us Wednesday

I haven't done a "Wednesday update" in awhile and just received some great news so I thought I would share because this is surely something that works for us!  We don't attend many conferences, and it's not because we don't want to, but rather our time is just so precious with both Colin and I working, that getting away to attend a conference isn't that appealing.  Usually.  But I attended one last year, because a couple people mentioned it numerous times to me and I was blown away.  The Infant and Early Childhood conference in Tacoma.

Here are the "Conference Goals":

Challenge thinking about diversity and disability;
Increase family and provider effectiveness through new skills, strategies and ideas for providing high quality services;
Enhance understanding of the unique strengths and needs of each family;
Foster partnerships across families, disciplines, agencies and funders to provide coordinated services in local communities;
Promote networking and coalition building around early childhood issues;
Enhance the lives of families and their children through the use of information and technology; and
Promote the mutual understanding of the contributions families and providers bring to the lives of young children.

Last year I had applied to receive a scholarship to attend and this year I applied thinking it would be a slim chance to receive one twice in a row.  Thinking a "no" from the conference folks would mean I'm needed more at home and that would be fine also.  Well, I got a call from the coordinating person and after listening to the coordinator talk about budget decreases meant decreased scholarships, she said that I had been selected to receive a scholarship and lodging at a hotel near the conference center.

This conference was amazing last year.  I met probably 4 moms whom I am still in contact with today.  I learned from some of the best educators on:  Tommy's visual processing issues, Liam's delay of expressive speech, sign language, sleep for toddlers, parent networking, ipad applications for nonverbal kids, family based literacy, supporting your child emotionally during medical procedures.... the list could go on!

This year I've got an entire new set of conference classes and am so excited to bring back knowledge and support to my family and all the other moms that I connect with.  Lots to be shared I'm sure!  Conferences can really energize me and help me to realize I'm not alone in parenting special needs.  And getting the best information from a conference is terrific!  It works for us. 

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