Monday, May 7

And the last is..... Liam

Liam is almost five and a half years old now.  He remains an amazingly sweet, gentle, and kind boy.

He is just finishing his Pre-K program at early intervention preschool.  His team of teachers is so wonderful and the weekly speech instruction there is helping him.
He goes to Connections Speech and Language every other week and has lots of fun playing games with his SLP there.

He really enjoyed his Awana program this year it was every Wednesday.  And children's church on the weekend.

He LOVES being outdoors and especially riding for miles on his bike.  With us of course, but he loves his bike!

He is getting taller this year and really likes wearing baseball hats.  He loves when the older kids are with us, just this past weekend with all six of us home he said, "I want it to be like this forever!".  Very sweet.

Liam and Tommy are both playing TOPS soccer, here is Liam (farthest right) waiting for some action with the big soccer ball.

Liam really enjoys heading to our nearby beach.  Some weeks we are there at least one day a week and he often wants more than that!

Liam loves a 'ride' on daddy's shoulders down to our nearby lake.  Which is great after dinner exercise for us.  Liam continues to be our littlest guy, but his heart is huge and is such a sweet kid.

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