Monday, May 14

Flower pot recycling

Recycling flower pots!

I started with a multipurpose sealer and painted the entire surface of the flower pot.  After washing them and convincing the earwigs and bugs to vacate.

Then I used a acrylic paint, because that's what my junk drawer had... a partially filled bottle of "Metallic Christmas Green".  And since Liam was helping me, I thought that was perfect.... it's his favorite color so we went BIG.  Big GREEN.

I only painted the outside of the container, after all .... they are hanging.  And if you can see the inside of the containers while they are hanging... well... you probably can't fit in my house :)

The last step might not be necessary but we sprayd "Gloss Spray varnish" because I thought they would look nice shiny.  Heck, everything looks better with spray high gloss shiny. 

Enjoy the sunshine!  And if you can recycle something.... use metallic Christmas green, ha ha

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