Saturday, May 26

Dynamic duo does dentist

The most amazing things happen with our dentist.

We have been seeing her for exactly five years.... but this was the best visit.

Other than Liam having a cavity on one of his back molar crevices....

Tommy actually did a "high five and knuckles" to our hygentist when she had on surgical gloves.  Oh yeah.  For all those out there with kids that have experienced WAY too many medical appointments and fear surgical gloves like wasps.... she made it fun and relaxed and his warm little eyes wanted to high five her so bad he just up and did it. 

I explained how important that moment was to her.

She smiled and calmly said "I know".  And she does.  See she is with kids with special needs at our dental office.

In a nice big, full of light, fairly sound proof room.  Yep.  For the last eight or so visits (every six months since the twins were six months) this hygentist has helped us.  Make normal more normal for Tommy now that we have more "normal" types of medical visits.  What a gem she is.  With alot of assistance we actually got Tommy to sit in the dental chair for the first time too!  Don't ask how we usually do his dental exam, you don't want to know, ha ha. 

And our dentist is amazing too.  Her niece has Down syndrome on the other side of the nation, so Tommy's huge smile reminds her of someone she loves very much and doesn't see as often. 

Such a great dental visit. 

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