Friday, August 31

Sweet Sadie dog

On August 18th we had to make a tough decision and put our sweet 8 year old boxer to sleep after xrays showed she had a massive stomach cancer.

We were heartbroken.  But she was so sick and in so much pain from the cancer.  We knew she would want to go to heaven and be pain free.

Now we enjoy the memories of our sweet Sadie dog.  And her twin sister Cookie is so lonely without her.

This first picture is the night we brought them home, Hannah and Nate wanted SO BADLY to sleep with the puppies on the floor.  I remember this night and felt so lucky to have puppies and kids who adored them.  Very precious memory.

Colin fell in love with Sadie immediately.  She would prove herself as the very loyal, stoic, sweet tempered dog who was always the outgoing and adventerous one.

I loved little Sadie puppy too.

She grew into a lovable boxer gal that had a wiggle butt and a BIG smile.

She was always the thoughtful one of the pair.  Ever the thinker dog.  With her floppy boxer lips that often where found to have cookie crumbles or something else clung to them.

Favorite Sadie spot was somewhere cushiony.  Often times that was on the couch!

Sadie loved to be in the action shots.

Cookie and Sadie were always side by side for their entire lifetime.  For boxers that means alot of down time.  And Sadie is missed by her sister and her whole family.  We loved you Sadie doggie!

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