Friday, August 31

Today's blessings

I've spent a little bit of time lately getting a little sad over hard stuff....... and small stuff ........and just plain "things" in life.  Just a little bit of time.  But enough spent on that to remind me to focus on all my blessings.  And there have been so many lately I wanted to share.

Today started off with me REALLY sad for a variety of reasons.  I don't get that way often, I'm usually a fairly positive person, but gee whiz what a pity party there was in my home this morning!  My great aunt Sally was probably rejoicing in heaven knowing her genetic pool passed on the ability to cry "a good cry" and use a substantial bit of kleenex. 

After the tears were wiped away, we headed out for our first appointment which was at the ENT.  Let me help you understand some of my "feelings" lately by sharing that I forgot some of Liam's "needed medical care".... you know when the dr tells you, follow up with us in a year.... or.... he will need that ear tube out in two years.  Well.  When you are the healthy twin..... your mom forgets your medical needs a wee bit. (And she is pretty sure she overmedicated you thinking you were the unmedicated other twin a few times, but that story is for a different day).  A few years past the needed appt to 'take out' his remaining ear tube, our pediatrician saw it at a well child visit recently.  Totally lose.  Not helping him hear.  But she couldn't take it out.  So off we went to the ENT today with all my mommy guilt of forgetting about this need waded up inside me.  Liam was very calm and such a great listener that the dr had a great peak in his ear and after deciding he wasn't going to be able to pluck it out.... wala!  The dr succeeded with great thanks to his patient and we now have no ear tubes in Liam.  And I'm writing it here so I don't forget, ha ha.  I am so blessed with an obedient child, great local medical care, and forgivess.  Children are such blessings.

We left the ENT and headed over to PeaceHealth Pediatrics to get Tommy his immunizations that Bellingham Immunology coordinated.  Since Tommy has Polysaccaride Antibody Deficiency he is moderately immune compromised and Immunology hoped to boost his own immunology before the twins started kindergarten.  But for some reason the communication didn't happen like it should have.  And I'm stuck with the twins, a stroller, Tommy in his walking harness... in an abyess of back to school kids vaccination overflowing lobby.  When suddenly I heard a nurse calling my name and our favorite nurse (who had left for Hospice employment) was back and she had all the immunizations needed ("you tell me what they said and we'll find the paperwork later").  Five minutes flat we had three people restrain the boy wonder that Tommy becomes when a medical professional slips on rubber gloves and pulls out a needled syringe.  Where exactly does that strength come from?  His defensive moves are amazing!  I am blessed with a mutual respect from medical staff that defies any expectations.  I truely didn't expect her to help us as much as she did.  But she was placed in our path today and for five years has been a blessing to Tommy and our family.

Next stop was to drop the dynamic duo off at Promise childcare for the afternoon to play with friends, learn about God, practice some preK skills and get some just plain fun with friends.  Promise has been such a blessing to our family.  They never blink an eye when we ask if we could come back for short term child care.  They always welcome us even though Tommy's wandering ways, nonverbal language and behavior issues make it a challenge.... they have open arms.  Every. Single. Time.  You bless me everyday Promise (Shari, Jen, Megan, Misty and everyone).

Sneaking in exercise is such a guilt ridden pleasure for me.  So I stopped by the gym (I got to a Christian gym Thrive in Ferndale) for a quick run on the treadmill and some ab work.  I had a packed afternoon planned with a vet visit and housework then dinner and a beachcombing walk so this was my only quick moment to work out. 

When I checked my phone and facebook really quickly.... I was feeling stressed and a wee bit down.  And then I saw a message from my nephew's wife Keeley.  She is heaven sent I am here to tell you.  ALWAYS encouraging.  ALWAYS kind and sweet.  She was sending me some of the kindest words I had heard recently and this post:
Which hit home in a way that caused this momma to have tears streaming down her face in the parking lot of the gym.  I'm amazed by God's "timing" ability.  And how he places the people you need, for "things you need", right smack dab in front of your face at the right time.  Keeley your friendship has always been a blessing.  Watching you be Christ like in your entire life has been such a pleasure. 

Finally home this afternoon for a vet farm visit.  This was probably one of the worse feelings for the week next to losing our dog last week.  Our goat had an eye infection from our local fair.  Fairly simple I thought from experience.  When we got her back home onto our farm our sweet neighbor had given us some antibiotic eye paste and sure enough for a few days our goat had clear eyes.  So after isolation for a few days I decided, well, that seems to be done so I'm putting you back in with your herd.  BIG mistake.  Last night I found my sweet goat completely blind.  Her eyes glazed over in a cloudy film. Her body bumping into her stall walls.  Her teeth grinding from the pain in her eyes. I was so upset at my own decisions and her pain that I started vomitting.  My hubby called the oncall vet and we were talked thru some decisions and ways to keep her comfy for the night (small stall and dark with grain hay and water).  So the vet came out and with IV antibiotics, pain relievers, a dyed eye test for corneal abrasions, eye antisthetic to relieve the local pain plus eye antibiotic ointment.... we were left with a goat that feels MUCH better and the vet has high hopes her vision will return fully.  She did mention that we were about the eighth family who had this "fair goat eye infection".  Insert grrr here.  The vet complimented us on our gorgeous nubian goats and then we decided together to do the same procedure to the ENTIRE herd.  We agreed it was a bit of overkill, but one of the kids in the herd had weepy eyes.  Great decision.  Hard on the back though.  And the vet is eight months pregnant.  God created such wonderful companions in farm animals.  And it's such a blessing to have great vet care for them.  A good vet who teaches you along the way. 

Tonight it's hot dogs for dinner (Liam's request), Nate is housesitting so he won't be here tonight, and we will head out to the beach for some shell collecting and relaxation. 
Hope you were blessed today too!


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