Wednesday, August 22

What works for us Wednesday

Boy do I have some catching up to do!  So many travels and fun experiences to share.  We have been busy so there will be a few picture filled posts coming your way.

But first a "What works for us Wednesday" for ya!

I thought it would be fun to give you "Tommy reviews" of a few of the places we have been lately.  Not any any particular order but here goes.

Tommy took his very first carousel ride and judging by his expression he gave it a two thumbs up.  I decided not to risk things by putting him ontop a horse, so him and I sat in a stationary bench on the carousel and he really enjoyed the motion, lights, sounds and watching his two brothers close by.  Tommy gives the Spokane Riverside carousel two thumbs up! 

Tommy has been on many, many walks this summer.  And although this photo shows us in western Montana at the lake house and lagging behind Nate, daddy and Liam.... Tommy liked sitting in his stroller and going on morning walks before the sun got too terribly hot.  Stroller rides in the summer time are a thumbs up from Tommy!

Sun hats are never, ever, a child's favorite piece of clothing attire, but alas when you are WHITE as a sugar cube and your hair has virtually NO COLOR to it.... your head becomes the most vulnerable place for a sunburn and your parents slap an Indiana Jones version hat on ya to keep the sunburn risk a bit lower. 

We bought two hats, one for each of the twins, and on Tommy's I sewed a chin strap to "encourage" him to keep the hat on.  But Tommy gave the hat a big thumbs up and no chin strap was needed.  Look at that nicely shaded little pale white face.  He even signed hat to request it be put on.  Tommy's review of the sunhat was positive~

And the funniest Tommy review is saved for last.  Writer's note: he DOES have a diaper on.  We arrived in Great Falls, MT for two days of visiting a dinosaur dig and four musuems.... but Tommy wants to give you a review on the Holiday Inn.  Oh. La. La.  He eyed the trundle bed that we added to the room and hoped right in that perfectly made bed and tucked himself in.... I couldn't grab the camera fast enough.  Tommy gives the Holiday Inn in Great Falls a HUGE thumbs up for relaxation.  Writer's note:  This hotel had a waterslide, indoor pool, hot tub AND bouncy house.  Liam's comment when he saw this:  EPIC! 
Tommy agreed!

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