Sunday, February 10

Family fun by the numbers

From my facebook (with the picture inside our stuffed family mobile): 
 7 people, 6 of us wanting northfork pizza on the way back, 5 open mineral waters, 4 sleds crammed in, including a 3 seater, 2 pairs of child bibs plus countless jackets shoes and snow pants, headed for 1 mountain. Love my family (including Brandon)

Yes it was loud and slightly stinky and VERY fun.  Interesting conversations about life and death and a few things in between.  

 My sweet Hannah and me sat around in the snow and caught up on life issues together.  Love that she is attending Western and I get to have her close for another year (or two, shy grin).

 Liam had a great few days, he and I went to his elementary school PTO sponsored family movie on Friday night "Hotel Transylvania" which was cute and very 'boy' oriented with quick funny jokes.  He finished a Saturday morning basketball game with some nice assists and then we headed up to Mt Baker, so he was ON TOP OF THE WORLD!  He is a very outdoorsy kid and loves fresh powder to plan in.  He asked me again today if he could "ski" when we were at the upper lodge for a potty break (and the kids all snuck and got french fries).  I'm sure skiing is in his future!

Nate LOVES the outdoors and especially the snow.  On his very first sledding run though he broke his sled in half.  Yep.  Shredded has a new meaning now.  The poor sled was shredded broken.  But we still had fun.  Not nearly as much fun though as two weeks ago because today was WAY TOO much snow to be able to walk to the different sledding hills.  Literally all of us were exhausted walking just a couple of steps in the deep, deep snow.  

Brandon is Hannah's sweet friend.  They both attend Western Wa University.  He has been alot of places with our family (Montana to Baker) and mentally... and spiritually also.  And he has hung in there.  I've tried to encourage and support him, but in the end I think he is still with us, lol, because he is just a great human being and really, really neat kid.

And of course there is my traveling companion in all activities Tommy.   Usually the way our family divides up for activities is that Liam naturally goes with dad or Nate.  They are more fun then mom, right?  And since Dad still is having heart issues, Liam chose to hang close to Nate for the afternoon.  And Tommy, fairly ALWAYS, hangs with his mommy for all things fun.  We really enjoy each other and are full of smiles and giggles when together.  I try to teach him while we are spending time together, we counted people in the sledding area, counted sleds, talked and sang songs and signed the alphabet a few times (oh my goodness his progress on that blew me away). 

 Tommy hasn't been feeling good though.  A low grade fever of 101.8 for two days has slowed the Tommy tornado down considerably.  A quick check in call to our pediatrician resulted in a consult between them and Children's but we wait to hear what they want to do next for him.  Not sure if it's the flu, or a cold, or a sore throat.... he can't tell us what's wrong, but the fever squealed on him.  So we continue with his daily pulmonary care anyway and pray that his body mends over this current sickness.


I've been walking along the creek by my work at lunch.  And sometimes taking a break in the morning or afternoon routines to get out of the office, away from my desk and issues, and clear my head.  It's been foggy lately. And I've been thinking alot lately about people and struggles and me and just plain life stuff.  And wondering where God will take me.  There are many paths on many different issues and as much as I pray about where and what I am to do now I feel that I'm on a bridge.  
But isolated.....
 and needing to LIVE.
  And struggling with what that means. 

Heading to Seattle today for the camping show as our ten year old camping mobile cannot be recovered from it's current leaks and issues.  Heavy sigh.  To have something paid for and then think about a "payment" is just not a very exciting thing.  But.  To think about all of our camping adventures in a new mobile is a very exciting thing. So five of us will head south to see what the camping industry has to offer!  We have been on a "cash" basis for all things for ten years (read that no credit cards).  Which has been a blessing!  But a few things like our "new to us van" (Honda Odessey that we bought two years old) and this camping mobile will have monthly payments.  Necessary evils?  Hmmmm. 

Over and out girl scouts!  Talk to everyone later in the week I'm sure.


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