Thursday, February 7

What's in my purse?

You can tell alot from someone's purse contents.  Kinda like when I arrive at a friend's house and check their fridge.  Hey, I don't get out much.  So here is what my little tiny red purse has in it now:
  • Keys... with my gym membership tag and instructions for how to give someone CPR
  • Burt's bees 'lip shimmer' in the color raisin (using it right now because I'm just lovin' it)
  • Nature Valley protein bar (peanut butter plus dark chocolate with 10g protein) to eat on way to gym at night, ugh, thinking about running tonight on treadmill
  • Small tube of lotion from the Great Wolfe Lodge "warm vanilla" scent 
  • 3 ballpoint pens, because ideas for writing always hit me in the car, lol
  • A photocopy of medical insurance cards with info to Hannah to "use these!"
  • Black/gold Starbucks card with I think about $20 on it, mmmm
  • Container of tic tacs "Strawberry fields", well, you just never know when you need fresh breath, ha
  • Grocery list (Kleenex for classrooms, hand sanitizers, 67 valentines for boys to give to classes, Veggies and a new reusable water bottle for my car)
  • About $9 cash
  • Chapstick (mostly used while playing in fluffy white stuff on mountain)
  • A few of my favorite scripture verses scribbled on a recipe card (kinda bent up right now, been treating that card like a rosary, lol)
  • My debit card and insurance cards
  • Tommy's domino fidgets (oh how he loves to fondle dominos, great to use at a restaurant for him)
  • Woodland park zoo membership
  • My phone, ahhhh, my phone
 If you are on facebook you can find me and tell me what's in your purse or pockets these days!

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