Friday, May 17

Nate is graduating from high school

Not sure where the past 18 years have gone. 

My oldest son is graduating from high school next month. 
And as we are working on his culminating project, and he is finishing up running start (a program where high school students have the opportunity to take community college courses)  he is making plans to attend college in the fall. 
At Santa Barbara.
That's in California.
That's a long....long... way from Ferndale, Washington. 
*heavy sigh*

Nate is my easy going, very smart, incredibly athletic, fun loving, prankster, well read, centered, son. 

And he is going to do *so* well in college in the fall.  He has amazing interests and already a list for what to do when he gets to Santa Barbara..... top on the list is purchase a surf board.

So as he is wrapping up the last few weeks of school, I'm praying every day that God will make the sea smooth in this transition and that Nate will make the transition from high school to college well.  Which I believe he has the skills to do with ease! 

Nate I'm missing you tons already!  We love you SO much and are always in your cheering section. 

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