Friday, May 3

Where do you work?

Last week I was in the sunny and warm state of Georgia.  Getting an opportunity to learn from some amazing folks in Public Health.  Folks from over fourty states were there to learn about performance measurements and quality improvement.  I was blown away by the opportunity to work alongside folks from the Centers of Disease Control as well as public health staff from around the nation.  Such an opportunity!  My head is full and spinning with great ideas for my local work here. 

Occasionally some of you have asked me "where do you work?" and what do you do exactly?  I'm excited to share with you a recently posted document that best describes local public health efforts.  It's a long document but chalked full of information that effects your daily life!

On a personal note, I really enjoyed some "time away" and especially in 75 degree weather!  The light rail system in Atlanta is wonderful, for $2.50 I got to ride all day if needed to get to sightsee and explore.  Although I was traveling by myself, I really enjoy getting out and seeing places that I might not get back to again.  Call me a girl scout! 

I tried "Chick-fil-A" for the first time, ate tooooo much fried chicken with waffles, enjoyed Georgia grown pecans, ate the most tasty ham from homegrown pigs that were only fed a mash of acorns (might try that one year as our homegrown hogs from a couple years ago were so tasty), and a little too much sweet tea.

I got caught up on my movie watching on the airplane rides.  While watching "Lincoln" I had one of the ugliest cries thru about half of that movie.  I just want to take a moment to say sorry to that Delta flight passengers.  Gee Whiz I lost it in emotions while watching that movie.  Nothing sadder than seeing the soldiers spontaneously reciting the Gettysburg address to Lincoln and having a black soldier finish the parts that they had forgotten.  I cried so hard I actually was using my cuff sleeves of my sweater to wipe my eyes..... and my nose!  I told you it was a big long ugly cry. 

Glad to be back home though.  Thanks to Grandma Dorothy!  My sweet hubby, our awesome after school babysitter and "big brother" Nate for holding the home front down while I was gone.  Just to give you an idea of how bad it was at home while I was gone..... three of them were on antibiotics, two of them only made it to school for two days of the entire week, the dog was even on antibiotics too.  Ahhhh.  But Grandma Dorothy always seems to keep things running and so naturally steps into my shoes when I need to be gone, best mom-in-love award for sure!  She even made a pie while she was here.  Thank you!

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