Friday, May 3

The creamery is open again

Once again we are milking goats and with all that fresh daily goats milk we are crafting tasty and gorgeous cheeses.  Nothing better than having a home creamery.  Although the work involved is a bit much at times, I'm trying to focus on the fact that we are only milking in the evenings and it is afterall only about five months out of the year that we do this.

We have added two lovely gals to our herd this year which we were given as "retirees" from the national show circuit.  So they have found greener pastures here and have settled so nicely in with the other does.  We raise purebred registered nubian goats.  We love their high butterfat milk!  And their long ears and loud personalities add to the fun.

Our cheese making has included feta, chevre and will soon expand to farmhouse cheddars this weekend.  The feta keeps for nearly a month in it's sea salt brine and we have been enjoying ontop of a marinated cucumber salad.  I've been enjoying more than anyone else I think, shy grin. 

The neatest aspect of homestead farming is involving your family in the whole thing.  Tommy, scoops grain from a sight word that he is barely starting to recognize "goat food".  Nate can easily milk for me on nights after he finishes crossfit class.  Colin does all the morning chores for our family.  Hmmm, I guess I need more of Liam in this equation!  Hannah has even relandscaped our front flower bed recently.  Farming is a family affair.  Running a creamery brings us just a lil' bit closer.

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