Sunday, June 22

5 step process

This is a long time in the making, I just couldn't convince my left leg to tuck under my hip so I could turn around. Literally, this took weeks. Dad, mom, Hannah and Nate REALLY wanted me to be able to do this because often times I was left on the porch. I didn't mind it. But occasionally I would like to catch up to the rest of my family :) Now I can! I can go from the porch to inside the house in 5 easy steps.

First, the hands are gently yet firmly placed inside the house. This is a good point to drag a toy alongside too if you want to swipe something from the porch.

Step 2 is so huge I need to remind you of something.... I NEVER BEAR WEIGHT ON MY LEGS. So, when I finally learned that the only way I was getting into the house would be to raise my hips up and bear weight on my legs, well... another step in the process that took some convincing.

Next, the left leg comes up. ALWAYS the left leg first.

Note to self, step 4 is always a tad frustrating, left leg must tuck under my hip. Sometimes I rock back and forth to convince my left leg to tuck.

Heavy sigh. Sweet success. In this case I turned around for mommy to take a picture. But usually.... I keep on crawling into the house, usually the kitchen because someone is loading the dishwasher and they need help. They never realize they need help, but they always seem vocal about it once I get there and pitch in.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as my mommy did!

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