Saturday, June 21

Summer Fun

Hello everyone this is Tommy's bis sister Hannah. Since my mommy hasn't updated the blog in "forever" I thought I would.

Now that Nate and I are out of school we have been so excited about this summer. There is a lot to look forward too! Although a lot of us Bellinghamers have been asking, "Where's the sun?". No kidding! I was looking forward to hot days with the sprinkler under the trampoline and creating Tommy and Liam's first lemonade stand. But maybe the sun will pop up next week. But until then I guess we will just have to cross our fingers!

Here on the farm a lot has been going on. Part of the grass got mowed today, people stop by all the time asking about our eight baby goats (which make twelve goats total!) Our little farm is becoming very busy! Liam and Tommy LOVE to go outside and bounce on the trampoline. Liam's favorite thing is to go out front into the five foot high grass and make tunnels with his big brother Nate. They look so adorable! Tommy loves to sit on the porch and play with trucks in the nice breeze.

Tommorow I am looking forward to going to a horse show. But this isn't any horse show. It is a benefit show for Chelsea Ebert's memorial scholarship fund. All of the proceeds generated from the three horse shows goes to a scholarship fund for graduating seniors. Big thanks to Jaime Nichols and Kelly Fischer who are putting it on. For any one who wants to come and check out all the different types of showing and breeds of horses you are very welcome to come watch. It starts at 8:00 am but I will be there (with my horse Mack) from about 11:30 onward (Lynden fairgrounds). It is amazing to see how young and talented some showers are. And this is an open show so there are showers of all ages!

Well, i hope everyone has a great summer! :)

~Big sister Hannah

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