Tuesday, June 3

Nutrition and feeding therapy

Our feeding therapist Miss H met me at daycare today to work on feeding issues (mommy came to visit too). Part of my 6 month goals are to tolerate oral stimulation for 30 seconds, because, in the past I have HATED the nuk brush. Low and behold, I LOVED the cat/mouse Zvibe and the new surgical tubing to chew on. Loved it loved it!

Promise makes yummy homemade food, we had biscuits with hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes, green peas with carrots and applesauce. Yummy! After lunch mommy went back to finish her work and I took a long nap. zzzzz.

Our nutritionist called mommy this afternoon to work out my new recipe for daily calories. She isn't worried about my lack of weight gain too much. However, we are going to add a few calories each day to try and stay on the same growth curve. I'm 75.5 cm tall, so we are looking at a 14 calorie per cm amount per day.... that means 1,057 calories for the day. Should be pretty easy to do. Our latest food journal had one day at 996 calories and the other day at 1,493 (gee whiz mom what kinda full fat stuff are ya feeding me?).

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