Saturday, June 28

Saturday sunshine

I took my first ferry ride! We rode to Lummi Island for a BBQ. I was hot, hungry and in general a CRAB! Not too many cars fit on this little ferry.

Look closely, I have a little smile... the only one ALL DAY LONG.

Daddy and Liam walked down to the beach. Mommy was sitting at the BBQ with me SCREAMING (I was screaming, not her). I didn't like the sunshine, I didn't like the way she held me, I definitely didn't want to be sat down on the ground, I was hungry but didn't want to eat.... Mr. Grouch I was!

My little brother Liam got to sit on a tractor today. We went to a strawberry farm first thing this morning to get those juicy red berries.....mmmm. Lil' brother you look good!

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