Wednesday, August 27

Update on BC Surfshop inappropriate advertisment

As background, last weekend during our back to school shopping we saw an advertisment at BC Surfshop that was very disappointing:

We talked to the staff in the shop.
We filed a complaint with mall management.
We returned to the shop to ask staff to remove the sign.

The general mgr at Bellis Fair mall understood our concerns and followed up with the store.
The corporate store has logged our complaint and hopefully understands the educational piece that we are trying to convey to their corporation and staff. We ask you not to buy from BC Surfshop.

We learned tonight thru reading more about this store and the company they were advertising for, this is apparently their advertising campaign:

Our family feels that using the word 'retard' only continues to label people by their intellectual disability, not by what they have to offer the world, and further isolates people. This poster clearly outlines an "in" crowd and the 'r' people are not in it. Disappointing. And very sad for the siblings of a child with disabilities who were simply school clothes shopping.

Children and adults with disabilities enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, biking, and skateboarding. The same activities that this store was trying to exclude them from.

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