Sunday, May 3

Cinco de Mayo

I had lots of fun at Michael & Robert's Cinco de Mayo party. Aunt Debbie brought her stomp rocket and I love this thing. I chew on the white rocket and then try really hard to put it on the launch pad.
Liam is putting the rocket on the launcher so our cousin Madison can Stomp on it! Then we run around and find the rockets.

I just love the rockets.

The Ebert's brought the coolest pinata to the party and mom helped me hit it with a bat. I smacked it two or three times.

My big brother Nate got to hit it a few times too! And stuff came flyin outta that thing.

This is my friend Jack, my cousin Madison and my lil' bro Liam. We liked hanging out together.

After all the candy came outta that pinata, we ran for the stuffin's. There were so many beads and little bottles of bubbles, lots of candy, and little toys. We had fun!
Mommy is thankful that Aunt Debbie took me for a long while so she could enjoy the party a bit. Whew, I'm a handful. Huge thanks auntie!

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