Thursday, May 28

Catching Up

Wow, the days are just flying by and I haven't posted in so long. We have been enjoying sunshine here so I'd much rather stay outside than blog! Here are the updates.

Liam loves to scooter around now. Aunt Debbie gave us a scooter from her kids and it is in constant motion now.

Tommy and I loved swimming in Aunt Debbie's pool and celebrating our cousin Madison's big #4 birthday. She is soooo cute!

And we spent Memorial Day putting the 'memory' back in that day. The older kids really got into our lessons for that weekend. We attended the festival of flags, over a thousand flags. Read "In Flanders fields" poem, listened to audio from the Library of Congress that veterans have recorded. And thanked my dad Bill Pepperell for being a Master Chief in WWII, Korea, and Iwo Jima. Dad you will always be a hero! Now if I can get mom and him to record his interview for the Library of Congress :) We thank our nephew Joseph Amato for his service and right now he is in Iraq. Joe we love ya!
More news from the last few days includes mommy getting kicked out of speech therapy. Tommy is trying to learn to drink from a straw but cries and complains alot, which means I immediately comfort him. Heavy sigh. So the therapist politely said when he 'gets back together' wait in the lobby...... okay, I'll do a diaper change, get some juice for him and then we will be back in and try again. Nope. She said "you go.... he stays". Hmpf. She was EXACTLY right. He complained a couple more times that I could hear from the lobby and then actually accepted a few sloppy straw drinks. Yeah Tommy! And thanks to a proactive therapist.
And last but not least, the Ferndale School district special education preschool coordinator came over yesterday for our transition meeting. Lovely, lovely lady. Plus our Family Resource coordinator was there and I just want her in my life forever. Seriously, our FRC is wonderful. Between the two of them I think I could figure out this whole DDD system and education. Anyway, the FSD coordinator will be requesting an out of boundary school, still within the district, but it has SIGN LANGUAGE (can I hear a shout out from everyone hoooooray!). We will hear from the district shortly if that school has room for two adorable boys who will be three years old in December and ready for preschool. Just doesn't seem possible! They will have circle time, books, turn taking games, speech, ot, playground, snack and lots of fun stuff.

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