Tuesday, May 5

Speaking of.....

Speech therapy is now two to three hours a week. Liam receives two hours every other week divided between two therapists and one hour on the off week. Tommy receives an hour every week (sometimes it's our 0-3yr old program, the other week it's a private therapist).

The 'talker' is here. Our 0-3 program SLP has programmed the talker for our family routines (bedtime, books/games, outside and eating). Liam and Tommy will be using this to 'spark an interest' in language. But definately not relying on it. We are sticking with sign language and verbal expression. Which is much more portable.

This is a poor picture, but an $18 credit at the consignment store bought the water & sand playset, a pair of shorts for Liam, sandals for Tommy that will 'work' for him, a set of five battery operated tools, and a book of baby signs for animals (hard book of in color sign language). Whew! Good stuff for $18. Most of today's purchase was for therapy related suggestions from speech therapists. The motorized tools REALLY get Liam interested in communicating to us... asking questions (in his garbled up words), making 'reving' sounds, etc. He even said good night to his tool set. Sign lanuage is something that Tommy is always interested in and I thought the animal book with signs that name the animals will spark his interest too. He can sign 'chicken', 'cat', 'dog' and something that looks like half of the sign for goat. You can tell we live on a farm!

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