Sunday, May 31

Too long of a painful week

It was a long week. Of pain. Of sadness. A friend to Hannah (our oldest) died this past week. She was only a sophmore at Sehome HS. Amareen Gill was beautiful. Inside she was sweet and caring, outside she was gorgeous, but what I remember most about her was a HUGE smile. Our family continues to grieve for her and the entire Gill family. Many days we have been lost in thoughts about her. But what I want to post here is a poem from the facebook that has been set up for memorials. What I want to say is take to heart what you say to others. Words hurt. We need to raise our children and ourselves to be kind, loving and thoughtful. Just like Ami was. If only our world could grow more kind and sweet like she was. Sure we can all take deep breaths and make our ways through varoius daily activities, but this has left such a hole in my heart. Hopefully you can meditate/pray/think of the Gill family. And hopefully you can share with your children in some way. They can be the light in this dark world.

This is a poem that was sent out to the Happy Valley staff by Ms. LaVonne Chue (Art Teacher):
I wish you knew
Tomorrow would be better.
That life is full of disappointment and victories.
I wish you knew how your smile
was so contagious
and your bright eyes put people at ease.
I wish you had a chance
to experience more.
Love, independence, responsibility
and your own power.
I wish we knew
you were hurting inside.
You put on such a
Strong front.
I wish I knew
How I could have helped.
How can we see
what is in your thoughts behind the brown eyes and perfect smile.
How can we create a spark of light
When the world is dark and desperate.
I wish you knew
How losing you
Will make me try harder
Make me think smarter about the world
and how words will change a mind
and how a little compliment
might warm a saddened heart.
I wish you knew,
I wish we knew,
I wish you weren’t gone.

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