Saturday, February 6

The brawl and a few cents

The children's appt for an echo and follow up visit to cardiology (this happens every 6 months) ended up in a BRAWL. Tommy and the echo technician, with mommy trying to restrain him enough for the echo to be completed. But let me share that even with Tommy's hypotonia, he is one strong boy! It felt like the echo tech gave up to soon, I was encouraging her to continue and kept saying "trust me, he is fine, the screams will end exactly at the moment you stop". We got just enough pictures from the echo for the heart doctor to clear him for the T&A surgery later this month. His exact words included reminding the anesthesia folks that the right lung needs special care. It was at that moment that I realized I needed someone else in the room to help understand and ask the correct questions. But my mom was over in the sibling playroom with Liam (I misread the rules and even though he is 3, he isn't potty trained yet so still needs an adult to stay with hime, oops). So I put Tommy in his stroller and told the doctor I needed him to either write down what I need to say to PASS clinic or include in his notes. But I need to understand also. We talked for a bit and with Tommy in his stroller it was MUCH easier for my total listening to be on the doctor. In addition to the T&A surgery, he will receive an echo under sedation so it will be easier on all. And there is interest in sedating him for echos from now on. Whew! God definately had His hands wrapped around all the folks because the visit went from bad to very good and Tommy's care plan changed for the best for all.

On the way home, we were treated to my mom and dad's for a wonderful dinner. My mom can make the best tasting pot roast you have *ever* eatten. My dad had spent much time pruning their apple trees (which I believe are at least 50 years old). And their farm looks so beautiful in this spring like winter we are experiencing.

And then made our way slowly north back to Ferndale. I ran into the grocery store in town with the boys really quick to grab a few things and decided not to bring my entire purse with me, just grabbed some cash, and then could hold little hands better in the parking lot. Well at the check out I was a few cents short, frustrated, angry at my choice to not bring my purse, and discouraged that I would tote two kids back to the car to get change... and exactly at that moment God placed a friend in my path. A friend that has inspired and encouraged me these past three years and always looks terrific even when she is running out to the grocery store for diapers. A friend that has never judged my decisions but rather shared that there are always different paths and left choices and decisions about my family, to my family. A friend that has so many talents but never boasts. A friend that is a great mom. A friend that had 16 cents :) ".... a sweet friendship refreshes the soul..." proverbs 27:9.

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