Wednesday, February 3

For a few days

The next few days will be filled with school for four kids and appts at Children's. But we will miss daddy! Colin left very early this morning to head to Montana because his uncle passed away. We will see him again on Sunday. Take care daddy, we miss ya!

Tomorrow morning I'll be in Tommy and Liam's preschool class to see how things are going. Then we are traveling down to Children's for Tommy's every 6 month cardiology checkup. He will have his typical echo and then we get to talk to the doctors about his moderate mitral valve leak. This is also a clearance from them for tonsil and adenoid surgery on the 25th. We will go to PASS clinic on the 18th, but need the heart folks to give their okay for the surgery. Please pray that my anxiety for this upcoming surgery will be kept in check by the benefit that Tommy will experience. I'm just so plain worried.

Nate and Hannah have officially started their second semesters and are enjoying a few new classes. Both did very well with their grades from first semester, I'm so proud of both of them. It's a strange feeling parenting young adults, they need you ALOT less than I ever expected. I feel a bit lost lately in parenting both of them.

Grateful heart for: Ilex bum paste, my family & friends who continue to encourage me thru the rough parts of life, our great help in the afternoon with the boys Janna, coffee, Hannah's cheerleading competitions, and God. Pictures to come these next few days, hopefully!

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