Saturday, February 6

Preschool makes learning fun

On Thursday we spent the day at preschool. I wanted to observe the boys in their activities and see if I could suggest anything to help with Tommy's attention issues, I was speechless though. I'm TOTALLY impressed with the speech, occupational therapy and sign language services that the boys are receiving there. These therapists are *amazing*. It helped me to meet with the SLP because Liam's 'homework' for speech didn't make sense to me, but when she showed me the short term and long term goals and why these excercises work, it makes sense now.

Their preschool teacher Mrs G, their sign language teacher Mrs L, their aide Mrs M, the gtube feeding aide Mrs L, are in the classroom with the ten kids. The structure, pace, and accessibility for each kid is so delicately addressed. Kudos to that team at Cascadia! Super duper stuff.

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