Tuesday, February 23

Surgery on Thursday

Tommy is ready for surgery on Thursday morning. He will get his tonsil/adenoids out, new ear tubes in, an echo and bloodwork drawn..... all while under anesthesia :)

Bags are almost packed. I'll be going to my parents the night before so the drive on Thursday morning at 'oh dark thirty" won't be so bad. My parents are supportive with my favorite dinner and I'm sure a little pep talk.

Since Tommy is on antibiotics right now we decided to keep him in school yesterday and today. And I really think that was the right decision, he is making so much progress in attention span while there, I would have been disappointed to have him out for the whole week.

We had friends over last night for dinner, so Liam played with his friend Mitchell (Tommy chased him all over the house). Before dinner, I got to sneak in an hour at the gym. Nate and Hannah were at their dad's house last night, but they are doing really well. I forgot to say that Hannah made honor roll at Sehome and is competing in Tacoma for cheerleading this week. Nate is getting ready for spring bicycling, his moles class just ended and there is a LONG ride this saturday, he registered for a/p and honors classes for the remaining three years at Sehome with the guidance counselors last week. As for Colin, his elbow grease surprised me this week, our home wireless internet got set up, vacumming and mopping occured, dishes and laundry done.... all with a smile! Thanks hubby.

I've got lots of pictures from our active last weekend.... maybe tonight I'll post.

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