Wednesday, June 9

Two surgeries

Hannah had surgery yesterday.  A laproscopy to help diagnose endometriosis.  A sample was taken from the only site they found that seemed to be a problem.  Her bowel was adhered to the perinial lining thru a spot/adhesion that seemed to be endometriosis.  This could be the reason for her pain.  The adhesion was removed and the bowel was freed again.  A sample was taken from the site and in a few days we should know if it was endometriosis.  Regardless, we will start seeing a chronic pain counselor so that Hannah can hopefully manage the pains with minimal medicine but rather with a healthy diet.  She is recovering so fast!  And was even back at school today.  She has struggled with this pain for two years and hopefully we will soon know a diagnosis.

My mother-in-law Dorothy had open heart surgery today to correct a mitral valve defect and get her out of A-fib.  According to my hubby who is there right now, it was a 100% success.  Which is wonderful for Dorothy!  And for us because we just *love* her. 

I had taken the day off today to help Hannah but when she wanted to go to school at about 10am, my day turned into:

post office
two banks (mine and ptsa)
gym (including a hot sauna)
grocery store (16 cent tomato plants on the clearance gardening shelf at Haggens)
consignment store (found the perfect pair of water shoes for Tommy's chubby toes)
haircut and styled (mmm)
verizon store to port my contacts to another phone
cleaned my van
got ready for my baby turkey chicks coming tomorrow (sawdust, heat lamp, etc)
called life insurance company about Tommy having Ds and coverage (he is 100% guaranteed)
called home health place in seattle AGAIN about diapers for Tommy that are hypoallergenic
got horse clippers ready to take to my sister this weekend (she has a horse and we don't anymore)
made goat cheese with sage and rosemary garlic oil (wish I had wine in the house to go with that)
bought teacher gifts for last day of the twins preschool tomorrow (coffee cards)
cleaned refridgerator
did a couple loads of laundry
healthy dinner: lowfat turkey sausage, steamed mixed veggies and skinny cows for dessert

I cannot even believe I did all that.  Tommorow back to work ;)

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