Sunday, May 30

Cleaned the closets

I have cleaned closets and am preparing for the first time ever to consign in:

Lynden Kids Market a HUGE one day consignment sale. Cheap stuff! North County Christ the King, "Family Room" located in the Fairway Shopping Center in Lynden, on the same side as Little Caesars Pizza. There will be over 5,000 items and cute clothing most under $3. 9-3pm on Saturday June 5th. Kids stuff from infant thru high school. All seasons.  Books, videos, play n packs, highchairs, excersaucers, toys.  You can actually buy a halloween costume or a snowsuit.   Or how about a new set of swimshorts for your cute ankle biter?  Come.  Join the fun and stock up :)

I have stacks of clothing thru out the house organized by size/age.  My wonderful sister came over yesterday with her homemade soup and more age appropriate toys for the twins.  I think she is filling out an application for me to go on that tv show Hoarder.  My house has been taken over by the consignment opportunity.  :)  However, I might make a tv show appearance soon.   The soup is terrific Deb!

Huge thanks to my adorable hubby for even when he is grumpy with a sore back he still took over the twins so I can get this stuff outta here!  Thanks Colin.

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