Wednesday, July 28

Do you ever enjoy a picture intensive post?

This might be my most picture intensive post yet!  I'm sure you will enjoy seeing how these last couple of weeks have been spent.  Hannah has participated in a few fundraisers for both of her cheerleading teams.  We have washed cars and had a pancake feed!  Both were fun and she is doing an excellent job memorizing the cheers, chants and dance routines.  Go Hannah!  In the above picture she is chatting with Grandma Sue and her cousin Andrew.
Daddy brought all three boys to the pancake feed which was a testament to patience since I was flipping cakes.

We visited the dentist for our routine checkups.  Liam was so excitedto pick this fish out of the dentists' toychest.
Tommy has been full of joy and energy.  He is back on antibiotics and eye drops plus nebulizer, but his allergies are not slowing him down!

Beautiful things are blooming.  In more ways than just this.  Our family is changing, teenagers growing into young adults, twins getting closer to four years old, and mommy & daddy planning for the next 3-5 years of small exciting changes.  More to come on that soon as things become more clear for us. 

My sisters and mom and I enjoyed a girls FABULOUS day out.  We ate at a tapas bar and it was so delicious.  The sparkling wine was perfect for a summer day.

We enjoyed manicures and pedicures and hours of conversation and catching up.  Even though we live within 90 minutes of each other, our lives are just so full that we need dedicated days without our kids to visit and enjoy each other.  Ahhhh, pedicure.

I'm not sure why only one foot is in the picture, I was probably shoo-ing someone away with the other foot, but isn't that just so cute :)

That same day all of us girls went to do "fused glass" at the local pottery place.  My sister Debbie had seen this and we had a blast cutting glass, sprinkling glass and arranging rock like or tile like glass atop items.  This is the 'pre' look, and when we get the pieces back I'll post what their finished look is like.  This was so much fun. 

My sister Debbi the artist!

My sister Tami the artist!

Yes, I have been working.  But I really enjoy spending my summer away from work!

We have been loving the beach even after dinner we will go down and watch the water

Nate's poor broken arm kept him out of the water.

This is the momentous photo of Tommy holding his own ice cream cone. 
Which is a HUGE deal. 
Usually, the routine would be mommy gives Tommy cone, Tommy screams, Tommy throws cone on ground OR mommy quickly grabs cone from child throwing fit and holds cone to feed child... her arm falls asleep... her own cone melts.
But now..... mommy handed cone to said child and after he fed his chin for awhile.... wala... he now holds his own ice cream cone.   HUGE.  Okay, I now realize this photo means more to me than anyone else reading. 

I think he is still thinking of his ice cream cone here.

These two are remarkably close lately.  In looks and in all they do.  Driving tractor around the farm, sharing favorite foods, enjoying lots of cuddles.  Too cute. 

How was that for an intensive photo post?  Geez, I hope this uploads okay....

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