Tuesday, July 13

The rose city

We had a great time at the family reunion in Oregon. 
We had the opportunity to stay at my aunt's home and spend more time with her and got to see cousins and their families. 
 Most important to me was a weekend to spend with my mom and my sisters though.  We love each other so much and wish we got to spend more time together so it's always a special time when we see each other.  Life is just so short there never seems to be enough time to visit with the people you love.

My aunt has a beautiful home and this was the great sandbox that Liam and my niece Madison loved.  We all had a blast at the playground next door too.
I love this picture of Tommy asleep after overdosing on cheetos!  And my sister Deb taught her daughter Madison how to do the monkey bars.  BIG accomplishment Maddie
My mom and my sisters!

My aunt and cousins organized a time and purchased beautiful flowers, so we could go and visit our grandparents and great aunts at the cemetary.  It was really special to me to think of how much my grandma would have enjoyed to know that we are all healthy and happy.  She had eight granddaughters and we held a sweet place in her heart.  Oh Grandma you were probably looking down at us with a big smile.
Cousin Andrew cleaning up!

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