Thursday, July 8

Twins at their "well" child visits

Today at ages 3 1/2 yrs old, we finally made it to our three year old well child checks.  As usual the twins were full of joy and energy and kept Colin, me, the doctor and two nurses hopping!  In general things are good and we are growing quickly and progressing a little slower than most.  But it's our "own" rate of progress!  And we just love them so much.

Here are the specifics of things mommy needs to do:
Liam needs to see the ENT and have his two year old pe tubes reevaluated, and he needs to see audiology at WWU to be reevaluated for mild (or maybe moderate) hearing loss.  This tank of a toddler is 40 pounds and 40 inches tall 95% for height and weight.  We build 'em big on the farm.

Tommy is our slight little fella at 33 pounds and 37 inches tall.  His appts need to be scheduled for:  urology review (oh joy another dept at Children's, Amy I need some advice/help on this, and if anyone else has down south experience), Thornberg for eyes again (delayed visual maturation), allergy doc for annual review this fall, pulmonology to check in about synagis again this year and possibly their thoughts on coming off of prevacid gracefully, labs sometime for thyroid and blood culture, cardiology is scheduled for september and so is f/u on clogged tear duct placements.  We also need to get back on the pulmicort nebulizer twice daily. grrr.  Tommy's height is only 10% on the Ds chart but he is slightly heavier and fell just under

The boys both got caught up on their vaccines which meant only one shot each!  Yippee (although they didn't think so).  And the boys gave the dr and nurses a big batch of homemade soft oatmeal cookies as a 'thank you' for assuring them such a healthy start  :)  We have the BEST dr and nursing team in the world.

Interesting that our dr recommended liquid vitamin daily (containing vit D) and fish oil liquid.  There are so many great studies out on both now, so this will be a new routine for us but we are going to start taking our vitamins.  Does everyone have their kids take daily vitamins?  I hadn't with my two oldest, so I wasn't sure.

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