Thursday, July 15

Never a dull moment

Yesterday afternoon Nate was longboarding from a friend's house in the York neighborhood to meet me at work and get a ride home.  My crazy 15 year old son wasn't wearing a helmet and gravity ultimately won during a small downhill battle.  He broke his right arm.  Both a fracture of the distall radius and a buckle fracture of his ulna.  His endurance of pain was amazing.  At the ER for four hours he never cried and was really hanging in there (although I would have totally understood crying).  So he is splinted and well medicated and resting.  Lots of dvds.  No swimming.  No bicycling.  No guitar playing.  No longboard (guess that was understood without writing it here). 

So, onto today.

Twins to the dentist (appt scheduled six months ago).  I cannot adequately describe the sheer decibel level involved with taking twin three year olds to the dentist.  Honestly.  The scrubbing of the teeth and the fluoride and sealant stuff was applied and then.... the pediatric dentist recommended orthodontics for pulling in Tommy's lower jaw from his 'bulldog' appearance.  Hmm.  The dentist said that at about six years old would be a good time to do it.  If you have older kids with Ds let me know if you have ever corrected this, I can't imagine doing something like that for Tommy.  I mentioned to her that I didn't want to do something 'cosmetic' because in my mind he is perfection!  But she seemed to think in the long run his jaw would be harmed if left alone. 

And then the day got worse.

I called Urology at Children's and explained our pediatrician wants them to look at Tommy's undescended testicles and his very boy part which is still fairly tucked up inside of other skin.  Since our pediatrician explained the risk of testicular cancer is higher if left up in that 'warmer' environment, I'm not sure we can decide not to do a surgical procedure where the testicles will be brought down.  Hmmm.  Help.  Anyone out there done this?  Sorry for too much information. 

I'm going to absolutely relax tonight and give myself some space.  Need DULL moments folks.  :)

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