Sunday, April 29

Day two of four kids

I love updating everyone on Nate.  He turned 17 years old last month and is so much taller than me now!
Here is his favorite place to relax, Locust Beach hammock.  We watched the surf skiers with their sails (you can barely see one near the cloud) on the day this photo was taken.  Nate loves being outside.

I thought this picture of him was wonderful at Clark's point beach.  He is one tall skinny guy.

Nate is so easy going and really enjoys spending time with his family.  Loves to camp, walk on the beach and just relax.  He is in his first full year of Running Start at Whatcom Comm College and if he keeps going at his current class load he will graduate from high school next year with his AA degree.
Nate and his dad trained and accomplished the Lavaman this April in Kona HI.  The Lavaman is an Olympic length triathalon. 
Out of 1,500 approx people, Nate placed 220 in the biking leg and overall very well.  He has so much self discipline!  Him and his dad continue to train daily (sometimes even twice a day) for the next triatholon. 

Gorgeous pictures from teh racecourse in Hawaii.

And here is the finishing leg of running (Nate says that's not his best athletic skill) and finishing, which was probably his favorite part!

Nate is such a positive and loving kid, we just really enjoy him so much!  His younger brothers love him so much and so do we.
My favorite thing about Nate is that he continues to remind me Tommy with his Down syndrome is just a natural part of life, if I see someone else with Ds, he will remind me that they don't want to be looked at or admired any more than just another person in the world.  He puts such a normalcy on each person in the world, no matter what.  He reminds me that we are all just so equal.  I love you Nate!

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