Friday, April 27

Four kids in four days

I'll start my four days for four kids with my oldest Hannah.  Two short months ago my baby girl turned 18!  And we had a fun birthday party.  Here she is with her brother Liam and cousins Owen and Maddie.

Hannah loves to spend time with her family.  Here we are at the Woodland Park Zoo feeding the penguins.  She loves all three of her brothers lots.

Hannah continues with gymnastics and tumbling.  And from our backyard you can sometimes see her upside down!

She still loves to see the baby goats when they are born, or talk about animals to get on our farm.

Hannah has spent the past two years attending Running Start which allows her to graduate in June from high school with lots of college credits.  She works part time and makes it to numerous evening meetings that she has.  She is a girl on the go!

She went to Senior Prom and looked fabulous.  We enjoyed getting our manicures together and chatting about prom and college plans.  Hannah is going to attend Western Washington University in the fall, which is her dad's and my alma matter. 

Hannah's faith has given her continued strength, she is almost nine months sober.  She volunteers in children's ministry, finds encouragement reading her bible daily, listening to wonderful Saturday night sermons and remembering to give her worries up to her higher power a wonderful and loving God.

We love you Hannah Ilene Hughes!  Hard to believe how much you've grown in the last few years.

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