Wednesday, April 25

What works for us Wednesday

Typically I try to write a "What works for us Wednesday" post
It's kind of my way of sharing helpful or insightful stuff with all of you
Today I'm sharing something different.....

My kids

For the next four days I'm going to write a special post about each one of them

Because things in our family have been a little private this past year

And now we can relax and share some of the pain and the joy

And how much each of our kids have grown!

So, stay tuned!

Of course there will be a post on the tallest kid, Nate

 And there will be a post on Hannah, our only daughter!

And who could forget a post on Tommy!

 And the baby of our family Liam will have a special day post to update you on his amazing changes

And we will show you what we do an Sunday school and how far we have come in preschool and what college Hannah is going to attend in the fall and where Nate will be in school

And we will share with you how much we love and cherish our extended family and one big Easter dinner at our home, oh my there was lots of ham

So stay tuned! 

Tommy Adventures