Thursday, July 17

Been a little under the weather

I haven't felt well all week. My forehand is really warm, I have a cough and a little clear runny nose. Yuck. And I'm cranky. No, make that REALLY cranky. This picture is from dinner last night at our neighbors home. They are hosting the youth choir from Uganda while they are on break from singing concerts at churches. These kids were so nice to talk to and they even sang for us. Please keep these orphans in your prayers for safe travels, good health and many enjoyable host families. I wasn't happy though..... I moaned the entire dinnertime. Mommy knows I don't feel well, so she cuddled me while we ate and listened to their songs.

Yesterday mom made a mistake with my therapy appointments. She double booked my feeding/speech therapist with my Occupational therapist. Oops. It seemed to work out by the end of the hour, but she was terribly embarassed of her oops. But, let's get on with the good stuff of the visit.... I drank thickened apple juice from a nosey cup! 2 ounces. And we decided to switch to bolus feeds. Partly because I'm already at a rate of 600 per hr, so we all know I can handle a bolus. But HUGELY because mom almost thru my pump out the window on I5 northbound coming from our Portland visit. Our pump has seen better days and just isn't as accurate or effecient as it use to be. Bolus feeds here I come! And many thanks to Shari at Optioncare for talking bolus ideas thru with mommy.

Our occupational therapist watched me climb the staircase and my new bear crawl (but high in the air).

Today we had a speech evaluation from my brother Liam at Connections. Mom and dad both went and we had fun playing with all the toys. I signed itsy bitsy spider song with mommy. I even initiate the song with her, I just hold my hands up in front of me and wiggle my fingers together like a spider. She gets so excited and we sing it together.

Tomorrow it's back to Cascade Dafo for my jump starts! I'll write more tomorrow.

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