Thursday, July 10

A busy yesterday

I went in mommy's van to Children's Hospital yesterday. It was just a check up for a study we volunteered for. My big sista Hannah came with us too, which is always nice.

Mommy sat me in something she calls my car seat, but I call it the "sleep machine" .... one moment we were leaving Bellingham, and the next we were in valet parking at Children's!

When I had my open heart surgery a year ago, the doctor's at Children's routinely threw away the thymus gland because it sits in front of the heart and just kinda 'gets in the way'. Well, a certain doctor started looking at replacing a piece of the gland, or the entire gland as a way to improve immunity in us kiddos.

Daddy and mommy were skeptical at first, and so worried about the open heart surgery itself, they just didn't know about volunteering their wee precious me for this opportunity. But then they realized it was an opportunity, one to improve my health. So, it's a double blind study and no one involves knows if I received part of my thymus gland (well, mommy says it's recorded somewhere in that big ol' hospital) but the nice pediatric research folks don't know. So, we turned in our daily health journals and got a blood draw. It was flawless! One poke and they got their red stuff. I cried a little more than mommy did :)

After we left that department. We stopped by to visit another family from Bellingham who are inpatient. See they have twin girls (super cute ones!), and they have been in Children's even more than I have been. We think about that family alot. Our paths have been similar in many ways.

Then off to Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue's house. Mmmm, dinner! Turkey sloppy joes and a dreamy jello/pudding dessert. Cousin Andrew and Aunt Tami were there for dinner too!

A good, but long day. Tomorrow.... it's off to get sized for my Jump Starts!

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