Monday, July 14

Family reunion

I spent this past weekend in Portland at something called a family reunion. I had lots of fun, and so did mom and dad. Hannah was involved in some of the preparations and did a great job. My great Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Michael in Portland hosted the reunion on Friday evening and it was nice! This picture is Hannah and our great Aunt Elizabeth. They are in front of a beautiful poster that describes how our great grandma was one of a dozen kids!

Here is mommy (in the floral) with daddy in the blue and her cousin Julie with her hubby Don. Mommy enjoys spending time with Julie. Later during the reunion, mommy met cousins that she didn't even know she had!

This is my great grandma's wedding dress, veil, shoes and wedding picture. It was precious! Mommy didn't let us get close to here though.

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue had fun too!

And Liam found a really cool house to play in.

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