Saturday, July 5

Fourth o' July

Even though I was a CRAB, I enjoyed swimming in the water at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rob's house.

My brother Liam had a good time. Our cousin Maddy is swimming without water wings!

We played with playdough for the first time. Although mommy didn't take any pictures.... I ate the blue playdough. She wasn't watching me to good, she was talking to aunt Debbie, and then I crammed the blue playdough into my mouth. I was drooling blue slime :)

Aunt Debbie made a pretty dessert, and I LOVED IT!! I shouted at mommy when she forgot to feed me. My cousins Gabe and Maddy liked it too!

At the end of the day we went to Aunt Shawnee and Uncle Ray's house to watch fireworks. Didn't like em. Nope. Too noisy. But I did like the food that Shawnee made! Brother liam is on the lawn tractor getting tickled my Uncle Robert.

Mommy says she hopes that I get over my crabbiness and being Mr. Clingy. If not, she is bringing back the baby sling and she is going to start toting me like a baby again.....

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