Friday, January 29

Home bodies

It turns out that Liam wasn't too terribly sick, I think he was actually teething. No fever yesterday but he had his hands in his mouth alot. No yukky diapers after that first one. So we played outside a little bit and went to pick up Hannah and Nate when school was out.

Daddy left for a two night snowmobiling trip. Hannah is off for a two night cheerleading competition. Liam is having his first ever sleep over at someone's house.... aunt Debbie and gang! So, it's just Nate and Tommy and I tonight. I made this and it was delicious:

Tommy still has abit of instability when climbing stairs or trying with great efforts to move over toys and such. We have been playing in our garage to stay warmer but still be able to get out of the house, and I noticed that Tommy was grabbing gross things for support while he was motoring about. So, I'm organizing our garage abit. Which will continue for months, because there is alot of 'stuff', but it's a start. And Tommy will be better able to get around and not have so many obstacles to touch and then put into his mouth (his hands go to his mouth lately).

Soon, we are going to throw out our bird seed playbin and make this (adorable ideas on this site):

Pictures coming soon!

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