Tuesday, March 1

Duo learns to swim!

Last night was the first swim lesson for the dynamic duo.  They were EXCITED!  We don't have a swimming pool in our town so we drive to Bellingham and enjoy their BIG pool center.  The duo are in the small pool which has a graduated ramp to get in and little ropes to divide the pool into the two classes that use it. 

I had NO idea what was going to happen with Tommy.  My son usually loves water, but the loud environment and chaos *might* have been enough to send him over the edge.  But both boys did terrific.  The center wanted me in the pool with Tommy to be his 'aide' which sounded great over the phone and in the water it worked terrifically.  I did everything the instructor did, used sign for Tommy so he could use the signs back to me and the instructor.  Wow.  Impressed.  Both boys:

  • put their faces in the water
  • sat on the wall
  • waited for the instructor to say "your turn" then slid their bum into her
  • introduced themselves to their classmates (  "I LIAM"  and Tommy used his name sign a "T" to his mouth)
  • walked the width of the pool in the water using their scooping hand movements back and forth
  • assisted back float (not pretty for Tommy but he did it)
  • JUMPED from the side of the pool in a standing position to the instructor
  • walked the width of the pool blowing bubbles in the water (Tommy just had his chin in the water, no bubble)
  • sang lots of songs
  • sat on the wall and kicked their feet making big splashes

This is Preschool level 1 and age appropriate for them.  After the class the instructor and I talked, I wanted her feedback if we were too labor intensive (I'm being honest).  She observed Liam doing everything, and said Tommy tried or did everything also.  She said it was the perfect class for them and as long as I could be with Tommy it would work great.  Whew.  Good.  Except for me in a bathing suit.  And the fact that I came straight from work and daddy forgot their post swimming clothes.  And it was hailing.  Next class is tomorrow and we hope to get there a little early to view the adaptive swimming program and see if that would be a nice addition for Tommy.

Swimming is so important.  A skill to have in the northwest for sure!  Hannah and Nate learned to swim at very young ages and Hannah competitively swam for Bellingham Bay swim club for two summers.  I have terrific memories of many years of swim class that my parents religiously took us to.  Hope the dynamic duo will enjoy years of swimming instruction too.... and we will keep in fun!

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