Thursday, March 10

The week in review

Huge fluffy snowflakes falling heavily in the morning sunrise
Steel cut oatmeal warm in a bowl with agave sweetner and coconut milk
A prank quickly played on the school bus driver by the thug of our toddler named Tommy
Planning two baby showers this month has reminded me what a joy mothering is and the miracle of life
Slivers of sunshine coming thru windows and casting shadows around toddlers playing with toys
Hannah's almost broken down VW bug on a freeway onramp turned into a blessing in so many ways
A sixteen year old boy in our family now and oh how he is loving his longboard to skate on
The word 'twin' still popping up in our daily language although so infrequently now that they are individuals
Farm animals swelling with their spring babies are as wide as they are tall and sweetly waddling
Gym workouts with my hubby have left us both with widdling waists and plans for our future
Someone decided to join teen youth group at church
Wet swimsuits to be washed and dried before the next swim lessons for the dynamic duo
Moments to volunteer and serve still able to be carved into nooks and cranny's of the day
Amazing new families met that I get so much more out of then they ever could gather from me
Shared dinner with eighteen of my family and loved and laughed and hoped it wouldn't end
Prayed for continued health of my sister being pregnant, my dad's open heart surgery mending and....orphans
Hope next week is just as great!

Tommy Adventures